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Illustration Coworking Space Konstanz

Coworking in Constance

Flexible workstations in Media Lab’s coworking space

Media Lab is the coworking space in Konstanz. Here you can rent your fully equipped desk and work in community with like-minded people. You enjoy the advantages of many inclusive offers.

Coworking, like so many trends, is a phenomenon from the USA. Coworking is not about working alone in a quiet room, but about doing it in a community – in coworking spaces.

Here you’ll find affordable, professionally equipped workspaces, prestigious facilities for client meetings, a productive atmosphere, and most importantly – many like-minded people. Sounds good? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you on your options.

Our Coworking Packages

Out of the home office – into the community

Daily package*


1 Day

Monthly package*


per month



for 10 flexible days

* Prices are net plus VAT.

Included in each package: Workstation with table, chair, screen, keyboard, mouse and telephone headset // Tea and water flat // Internet flat (LAN or WLAN as desired) // Chill-out corner with GameBoys and various magazines // Cleaning of the workstations (1x per week) // CoWorking+ through contract placement and collaboration in the studio community

Optionally addable: Graphics tablet “Wacom Intuos Pro Medium” (12,99€*/day) // own telephone extension // company sticker at the entrance // post office box // meeting corner (Standard = 15€*/hour) 

**Virtual Office Standard Package: Virtual Office is your permanent postal address at Media Lab. The Standard Package includes: Personal mailbox and reception of mail/parcels (max. 50 letters, 10 parcels per month) // Mail info by email // Company sticker on the door // % on meeting corner

>> More about our our virtual office plans <<



1 Day

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*** Prices are incl. VAT. and
can only be requested with a valid
student-ID of an university from Constance

A productive community

What our coworkers say about Media Lab Coworking

"I've been in the coworking space for a few months now and I feel very comfortable. Sitting alone at my desk at home is just not my thing. I need a good mix of concentrated work and a chat now and then. My fellow coworkers are all nice and interesting. You can find many different walks of life here, from system administrators to book authors, which I personally find quite exciting. The spaces in the coworking space are fully equipped (of course, you still have to bring your own computer) and are the cheapest I've found in a constant comparison. With the free beta day, you can even just test the whole thing out to see if it's any good. All in all: I'm glad to be here :)" Translated with (free version)
Sebastian Bliestle
"The workplace and co-working in the Media Lab is a great asset. Writing is a lonely job. I appreciate the collegiality and simplicity of the co-workers, the concentrated work that can be interrupted by a friendly chat every now and then. The composition and age mix of the buddies is mutually beneficial."
Rose Marie Gasser Rist

Just focused working

We take care of the rest.


A small insight into our premises

From Kaufland to Copy-Shop

Coworking at Media Lab offers you these advantages

Good connection - our coworking space is located at Zähringerplatz and is ideally connected to public transport.

Central location – whether to the university, the FH, the old town, the Seerhein or Lake Constance. By bike, on foot and by bus, everything is within easy reach.

Many shopping possibilites – with Kaufland, Asia Markt, Penny and Landmarkt there are 4 supermarkets in the immediate vicinity.

Going out for a tasty meal – several bakeries as well as snack bars and restaurants with various cuisines are just a stone's throw away.

Copy shop and post office – a post office branch as well as UPS and Hermes parcel offices are in the immediate vicinity. The copy shop is located 5 meters from us as the crow flies.

For your health - Three pharmacies, two medical centres and even the Constance Hospital are within walking distance.

Join the community now...

And as CoWorker get to know new people!

Any questions about CoWorking in Konstanz?

In our FAQ’s you will find even more answers

Yes, we offer mailboxes at Media Lab. As a coworker with a monthly package you have a “Standard Virtual Office” package with you. This includes reception of mail/parcels and free use of the meeting corner by arrangement.

If you have a different coworking package or if you are not a coworker, you can also visit our Virtual Office page to find out about your options.

Yeah, as a coworker with a monthly package, you can do that at no extra charge. All you have to do is add “c/o Media Lab GmbH” to your address, because only Virtual Office customers will receive a label on their mailbox.

If you are not a coworker, our Virtual Office packages are available to you.

Coworkers with a monthly package receive a FixDesk from us, i.e. a permanent workplace. Day coworkers and holders of a 10-card receive access to a FlexDesk, i.e. a workstation that is currently available.

Yes, you can. If you are interested in a monthly package, you can test our coworking space for one day (on weekdays, during opening hours) for free. Just give us a call and we will make an appointment.

As a coworker with a monthly package, you will receive your own key so that you have 24/7 access to the coworking space. In case of loss we will charge you 26€ (new price) plus 10,-€ service fee, because we have to remove the key from our access system as soon as possible.

Coworkers with a monthly package have access to the premises 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can work non-stop. Only on weekends our cleaning lady will keep you company for an hour or two.

Our core opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:00. However, it is also possible to come earlier and leave later by arrangement. Coworkers with a monthly package have their own key and are not bound to the opening hours.

Our coworkers are welcome to bring their own telephone/VoIP phone. If required, we can also set up VoIP telephony for you. You will receive a Konstanz landline number with Germany-Allnet-Flat (landline/mobile). All further connections will be billed by the minute at the end of the month. This service is included in the Virtual Office Premium package. For all other customers, telephony can also be set up for an additional charge. Please contact us directly for contract adjustments.

The office has a small kitchen, separated from the rest of the workplaces by a door. There are coffee machines, a sink, a microwave and a small fridge for everyone. Glasses, dishes and cutlery are sufficiently available. Spices, oil, vinegar, sugar and salt can also be used.

A penny and a Kaufland are about 5 minutes walk away. Also on foot in 5 minutes you reach 3 bakers. Restaurants and snack bars are also available in the vicinity, e.g. Meera (Singapore cuisine), Tatsumi (very good Sushi), Samira (Arabic specialities), Defne (Turkish cuisine), Mama Mia (Italian cuisine) and many more.

We have a permanent underground parking space as well as parking possibilities directly in front of the house door (in front of the copy shop). In the nearer surroundings (Königsbau and the old Friedrichsstraße) there is usually a parking lot. In general, however, the bicycle or bus is always preferable in Konstanz, as it is much more relaxed and environmentally friendly. With our direct location at Zähringerplatz we are also very well connected to public transport and the bicycle road. You can take the following bus lines within 5 minutes walking distance from Zähringerplatz:

In consultation with us gladly. The meeting corner can also be used for customer meetings. However, you should clarify this with us in advance. For coworkers with a monthly package the booking of the meeting corner is included.

In addition to table and chair, each workstation has a screen, keyboard, mouse and telephone headset.  In the meeting corner you will also find Game Boys and various magazines.

The cleaning of the workplaces takes place once a week, including the emptying of waste. As a coworker, it is of course good manners to leave the workplace clean at the end of the day, so that the cleaning fairy can also clean.

For bookings or other inquiries you can simply contact us by e-mail or phone.

No, you do not have to register separately with the GEZ (Today: ARD/ZDF/Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice) when you book a job.

No, when you book a job you can tell the city that this is already covered by us.

We accept cash and bank transfers. Coworkers with a monthly package will receive an invoice from us. The rent is payable at the beginning of the month.

Every coworker signs a customer and source protection agreement with us so that we can offer you a trustworthy and safe working environment.


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You have further questions about our offer?

Please contact us by phone or mail!

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